Guatemalan hand-woven drawstring pants


assorted colors, patterns, and sizes
SO comfy
Back pocket with velcro
Deep side pockets elastic waist band with drawstring

WORLD PIECE by Nina Grand combines an inherent tradition of skilled craftsmanship and integrity to create apparel of unique design and unsurpassed quality. The fabric of this unique garment is completely hand-crafted by Guatemalan artisans.

"Ikat" (also known as "Jaspe") is an age-old method of patterning cloth. The technique involves the complicated task of resist-dying the threads before they are woven into the fabric. Bundles of yarn are tied off in a predetermined patern before being immersed in the dye-bath. Afterwards, the space-dyed threads are meticulously arranged on the loom whereby the final design of the material becomes apparent.

We are proud to present this product which is truly a WORLD PIECE.

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